Zap is too dumb -_-



Zap once stole over 100 of my points after a few zaps in a game and the victor ended up with almost 400. It was annoying and I think it should be toned down a bit after it also stole 48 points and I dropped all the way to last recently. I dont think zap should be as powerful as it is, working so hard to get points and then zap steals all of them in one suicide match. It is stupid hard to do anything when someone has zap and it really has zero chill. :confused:


Zap isn’t that OP, since you need to be very close range to use it. Just stay away and you should be fine. You can also use trigger bomb or shield if you can’t stay away from them to shield your points.


Thats true, but in quickplay there is always that one guy in a closed space who uses power dash or speed burst ad zaps the HECC out of me. It really sucks when it does happen. Then I end up with a :basic_crate: instead of a :gold_crate:
(Also thanks for taking the time to listen to me rant and comment, Im just kinda mad >.<)


Zappers get a lot of hate since they have the highest stealing rate.
But it’s actually quite tricky and dangerous to land a zap.
As a speed zapper myself, I often end up crashing in a wall early in the round, and the stolen points barely compensate for the +10s I’m losing each round. That’s the downside of any offensive combo.

On a lighter note, a zapper in a room full of fever/mine-users will be just as annoyed as you are in a room full of zappers ! :grin:


Haha thats true, but I still feel like zap should be toned down. Its early enough that anyone can use it and when it does land it really sucks. I get where you are coming from with the fevers and mines but thats just anyone playing the game really :rofl:


I wouldn’t mind seeing it moved to higher levels if it frustrates new players so much.
Anyway, if zappers were as OP as you seem to think, top 100 would be full of them… though it’s definitely not the case :smirk:


True, im glad everyoe has a unique combo. In top 100 I saw ppl with shiel so who knows…


There’s even players with only survival powerups in top 100 and that’s hardcore ranking up to top 100.


I think I saw one with Double shot and multi shot which makes me surprised since both of those are purple. The you have the masters of blue powers, and from what I have seen I am very impressed on how they use them. power dash+ teleport makes teleport faster, power dash+ jump makes you jump farther, speed burst + 180 is weird but op… I’m rambling but people are very good at using these types of powers and if the add more in the future I can’t wait to see what people can do with them.


That’s what I do too - my favorite combo at the moment is thin+brake, because both have good defensive points.They are usually pretty bad at steering so I stay in enclosed areas to hide from them (and other people too).


How would speed burst + 180 even work xD


Yeah, i can’t imagine this as well :smiley:


So what about scatter range?


Just use shield lol


Scatter range goes a bit farther than zap imo, but only forward, not all sides like zap does


@MangaFukidashi It can be frustrating but there is a way to counter these players. They need space, so try not to give it to them. You have to read what they are doing and adjust your path accordingly. Keep your distance as you claim an area, and cover up any holes and block any entries to prevent them getting in. If you use jump, dash teleport or a mine - have your get out plan ready in case they do get in. Most of the time they will give up trying to close in on you and focus someone else but you can also bait them by leaving an entry open and attacking them if they take it. You could jump over them, teleport, place a fever or just kill them with a dash. You can also turn outwards to cut them off as they try to overtake if you get the timing right - normally they expect you to turn inwards and you can catch them out with a quick kill this way, it might cost you a zap but you will get at the least +10 survival points on them and you still have the rest of the round. Hope this helps


The only problem i have with zap is that it can hit u through walls. if ur protected by a wall on 1 side and a speed zapper is on the other side, then u actually really aren’t safe at all. If they get close enough they can zap u. Other than that its fine.


@Zero thanks man, this actually helped and I destroyed someone on quickplay XD
Seriously it helped a lot so thanks.


You’re not going to get responses calling to nerf zap because it’s what so many ranked players use…precisely because it’s OP.


@Mute first off I love your username and second, that is true