Zap is op plz fix


zap is too op it takes away to many points. PLZ FIX


You need to get super close tho, which is a big down side! You rarely get a chance to zap someone.


There so many other things that could be nerfed over/with Zap. Game isn’t in development though so we wont see changes for a while


I’d actually like to see a slight degrade to Zap to be ~18 points and also Scattered to be ~18,5

In the early zap is not a strong because you have to get close. However I have seen so many insane comebacks from 4th or even 5th place where they literally played like shit the entire game but gained 80-100 points last round.

Another cool idea would be that there is a progression for power ups. So when you rank higher there is a different balancing for powerups.
Or outright ban specific power ups for GMs.


We had upgrades a while back which resulted in major unfairness, so having a progression or different balancing is for ones hard to calculate with all the different room constellations and would be kinda unfair.

As for zap, it is really not that great, as long as you do not run into a gm speed zapper you can dodge the stuff pretty easily, just don’t get close and you win 100% against them. Your argument with stealing 100 points in the last round is also not valuable since you can steal that many points with almost any stealing combination in the last round. I have seen it even being done with homing only!


Your right it would be a mess to calculate and to understand for players therefore not a good idea.

I’d still like to see a slight nerf to Zappers and Scattered. But it wont happen and i know it.


Homing is OP! :joy:


It really is dude :joy: but cmon don’t let everyone know ffs