Zap can steal all of your points



If you create a match(in the FFA) you can steal all the points from your opponent with a single zap,
same goes to lazer and scatter shot but with zap its really easy to do this.

doesn’t matter if the oppenent has 200 points or 20 you can steal it all :slight_smile:


We’re on it! Thanks for reporting this bug!


In addition,
Many times the jump/slow powers also don’t work, and you need to click the same button a couple of times for it to work (tested on several computers).
Thanks for replying!


Whats the status on this Bug? We were planning a small internal FFA mode tournament this thursday and without zap functioning the expected way it’s only half the fun. With all the current changes and team mode, it would be great if the FFA mode’s functionality could remain untouched, cause this is currently the only way you can play with more than 2 friends at once.


The cooldowns are fixed but zap is still bugged, it sometimes hits multiple times. We didn’t intentionally change anything to affect FFA but there is still a lot of base code shared between the modes so it caused bugs to appear.
You can still hold the tournament and ask participants not to use zap.


Fun fact, the homing missile hits twice too [unless its intended, if so just ignore me]


Yup. I, unknowingly stole 57 points from my friend when playing a friendly, ranked tournament just now.

This did get me curious on if it would be possible to get the highest score. This would be 100x easier if you could steal 249 points from every player.

Quick, somebody get 1500+ points before this glitch is fixed!