Youtube Rewind 2018


What is your opinion?

I don’t know what is going on personally, it gets worse every year. I have no idea who all these people are, I knew a total of 4 people. It has bad references…only good thing was Will Smith and the animation. And half of the video is more like a talk show showing off…

Babyshark part was still :fire: but the too many fortnite references just killed it from the 20th second already… This is always a video the YouTube community looks forward to. In my opinion, they have failed and left out some very important parts.

RIP likes-dislikes


Meh idk about this one. Previous ones were much imo. Too much based on Fortnite :joy: they should have based it on curve fever :cfp::pentagon::tetragon::trigon:


Are you forcing me to do a Curve Fever rewind? :0 Cus im down for that :smirk:


Didn’t explicitly say that :joy: but as our good bot would say: HECK YEA!!!


“Drag Queens are empowering”… really?


I knew 14 channels from the rewind (im not proud to know who Lele Pons is) but this is still low.

YT rewind always has been an image movie or not an actual reflection of the site or the community.
We can still look forward to some great meme rewinds.




Thought ninja was a twitch superstar ,i dont understand this upside down world :man_facepalming:


I personally think the 2017 rewind is better :sweat_smile:


no heck you


Hot steamy garbage. I like fortnite actually but it felt like it was too much, I didn’t get what was going on (first time I watched one of these rewinds) and it felt overall too cringy. Cringe level: 9999999999999999999

Same thing with me too lol

#12 rip rip



Just look at thos comments…people really love the new one.

Although, TBH, how did it have 1M likes and 400K dislikes as soon as it was released?


cus youtube and live statistics dont work in the same sentence lol


Youtube doesn’t care about any content creator who has been at the top since the begin, they only care about small 8 month dead content creators instead, cause they know the famous people are already well known, and at this point YouTube honestly doesn’t care what happens with your content if someone else claims it, and takes your mon. off that video so they gain all money. Basically at this point YouTube is dying, hence why i switched over to Twitch to just watch anything.

YouTube Rewind is basically the show if its death, 50% of the YouTubers in there are either small channels, or basically flat out dead channels, like come on a person who’s channel which was dead for 8 months still, yet no Pewdiepie or T-Series?


YouTube really dosnt like Pewds. An T-series is not an channel, but an company that uploads indian music videos, Like Vevo.


T-series does have a channel on youtube, I think. They are overrunning PewDiePie.


not even close to beating.


IDK dude not really too involved myself though