YouTube Channel Premiere



So, guys, this is it my long-awaited Youtube Premiere. This was harder than I thought. The video quality honestly is so bad (we’ll look back and laugh when I have a million subscribers :laughing:) but it was a joy to make.

Please subscribe, drop a comment and smash the like button, it would mean a lot and honestly would make my day. :heart::pray:
Link to Video:


Oh well, I thought I’ll be Rick rolled


rick rolled?


For example, check this YT tutorial of how to rick roll


I’m confused Like you thought you would be shocked as in a pleasant surprise.


speaking of yt i probably have like 30 notifications i used to be so good at yt


I thought you’ll troll us :3


I just got rick rolled before coming and reading this lol


Please subscribe if you liked it. Why would I troll you.


New Video :dash::dash::dash::dash:


Exposing Speed Zappers…Angel next :thinking: @DenysXQX


yessir lmfao,mans said he wasn’t focusing u,when he said in chat lets get pink headass,nice vid tho keep it up