You're so LUCKY! ~collection



Hey guys!

In one of my last games, I completely timed 2 jumps right in less than halve a second. Incredibly proud of this achievement.

All jokes aside, I don’t think I’ve ever been so lucky. Did you ever feel like you came out of a tricky situation in a way you definitely did NOT deserve? Share your moment of glory in this topic!
Don’t think you guys can do any better! Or do you? Prove me wrong!


Once with speed dash i accidentally got a reverse fever while speeding and crashed in the wall but instead of dying i got 3 gaps killed a guy and was about to die when a jump pickup came in front of me. :joy::joy::joy:


Guys, I got into a tricky situation again… So I decided to jump 4 lines in less than a second. Last two weren’t really necessary, but I like to show-off. Big thanks @Owl for providing me with his turret.


I came out of a blind fever where I was damn sure that I hit something, realizing that I had a lucky skip just at the right spot.


The way u say it makes it sound like u actually planned for this but we all know u were suciding but lived.


What’s interesting though is that the jumps in cfpro aren’t random like they are in cf2, they all have patterns and it is possible to know when exactly they’ll appear depending on which starting combination of holes you’ve got.
I bet many players have noticed this pattern with 3 almost immediate holes right when the game starts.




TOTALLY AGREE i really noticed that (watching ur games) xD and it happened to me too also when u try to hunt a player its just u feel like the gap will appear and it does sometimes!


Three words: Fricking scatter range


Well look at you, Sherlock!

I posted this in the You’re so LUCKY topic :wink:



Thanks to @Horton86462 making the gif!

I got a lucky jump after my powers were not loaded



I thought the hole timing was interesting so here’s some intentional line jumps.
Tip: use a skin with stripes
CFP%20Hole%20Timing CFP%20Hole%20Timing%204 CFP%20Hole%20Timing%206


That’s no luck though :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t think it was worth a whole new post, but I still wanted to share. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here’s an actual lucky video of me learning how to use teleport. Red hit me with a turret before I teleported, but it made me jump afterwards. Cool bug feature


Wtf that is amazing. Never seen that before!


But it seems like it’s not a turret jump. You were teleporting and some milliseconds before you actually teleport, Blue hits you and you kept the jump. That’s also why you lost 6 points.


You’re right! I hadn’t noticed that.


Look at the last round of this replay. I was just doing random stuff with my sister and got so lucky in the beginning.