Your Record



Insert any of your highest records here. You can post any record in CFP about pts., survival time, etc. You can also post about beating your previous record. I’ll put mine on there:

Care to beat that record?

[Unofficial] Autumn Tourney (9/15/2018), Sign Up (!)

survival time is too easy because you can just do this.:joy: oh, and I guess I beat you time with a level 6 ship.


I lasted for 441 sec. with Hide Self on sandbox, and you broke my record by 213 seconds. Good job! :+1:



What I meant in the topic is that you can send your very own records on Curve Fever Pro, high to low. I wasn’t expecting any other related topic, but thanks for mentioning. :grinning:


As already mentioned, there are 2 topics where u can post your records and other stuff:


I dont know if we really need a 3. one for survival time… but ur decision :wink:


yes! we need a leaderboard for every different thing. we are on the curve fever pro forum; it might get flagged as off-topic.:laughing:


i had the ultra kill :stuck_out_tongue: (much times XD but i recorded this moment)


Oh geez, that beautiful design. I miss it. R.I.P.


Care to beat the score with the same ones I used?


danggg :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

I think I had a good thinking behind timebomb but it’s actually very hard ;DD…
There’s this chance you will leave tiniest of tiny pieces, what will eventually kill you :sweat_smile:
around 300 my best try… :slight_smile:


I was close by 1 point. :joy:


Repulse + Homing = Good Combo


i will try to beat your best startdust… but not today ^^


Okay, tomorrow.



I reached to the goal!