Your favourite kind of avatar!



In the upcoming weeks we will implement a new kind of customisation: avatars. The letter in your league badge will become an interchangeable image. How we are going to implement these images and how this system is going to work is not clear yet. We do think that the images will probably be abstract illustrations of different kinds of subjects. So for instants: cookies, animals, sports, flags, etcetera. As the artist of the team I am really curious what kind of images you guys would like to see.

So the question is:
What kind of avatars would you guys like to be able to choose from?


i say you let us upload the image of our choice instead of fixed number of platform decided images.
But if thats not possible, I would like images of animals.


The way it looks in the CF2 is the right one , however not the animated tho
There’s no need to reinvent the wheel xD


The reason uploading will pretty much not become a real thing is to the fact you can upload everything. Some people like you would be nice to us and upload pictures of animals or logos… other people would upload pictures that we don’t want to see… Politics, religion,pornographic…

It would be impossible work for anyone to keep checking and removing. After it has been removed this process can just restart.


Maybe… just maybe… If there is an option to pick up a background, object and additions?

The background could be a picture of colored in blue/green/purple galaxy or (for the events) a Christmas three/falling snow.

The object could be a ship from the game/a shape of unknown figure. (The object is in the middle of the avatar)

The addition could be (a little) fire/snowflakes/electricity or (for the events) cookies/candy canes/easter eggs. (the additions are around the object).

At least that’s what i imagine for a avatar in CF Pro


Hmmm…some premium avatars that gleam or have some animation associated could definitely add a spark of interest. Maybe make it that you have to be a certain level/pay a certain amount of gems/or both to access those…


Food ones, fries or something :smiley:


What about bringing in just all emojis we have here :joy:
Imo taking the old cf2 stuff wouldn’t be a bad thing, but i would add some cfpro stuff.

  • Modules (for those who have a favorite one and want to show it)
  • COOKIES (basically for all Rojoss supporters :cookie:)
  • Crown (for champs only)
  • Shield (for mods only)
  • some sort of personalization would be fun (doesn’t have to be uploads)
    – different backgrounds
  • RIP CF3 ships (snail, ripsaw, rocket = just for the nostalgia)


I think something like the cf2 ones would be awesome!

Honestly I’m less fussed about the designs themselves, but it would be really cool if there were some exclusive designs which could only be got at higher levels/rank etc. I.E. If it could be added into the progression element of the game.

Maybe give us some incentive to reach lvl 40 :3


pepe faces


As long as there is a cheetah, that’s all I ask for! :joy:


The paper logo
Close ups of rojoss and greET


Def. a USMC Avatar would make my day, and a American Flag to rep the USMC & U.S. Army! :us:

Also some seasonal avatar’s would be great also! :fireworks::hearts::egg::sunny::fallen_leaf::jack_o_lantern::turkey::christmas_tree:


Maybe a Noodles avatar? Otherwise a cookie avatar


Yes cookies all the way! :cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie:


this is all I need


This is one and only, not available anymore the [w] avatar I have snatched almost 6 years ago in CF2:


And I want it NAO!


This games pretty good, started playing a while ago!


I say we just end it with cookies only to make @Rojoss happy. :cookie::cookie:


and all of us proud americans