Your Favorite Music? Forum Game



Add YOUR favorite music here! Show off the GREAT soundtracks you have found on ANY platform.
Youtube, Twitch, Tiktok, ANYTHING I picked four RANDOM people to help me pick what is the best!
here are the people helping me… @SHEEP @Lichenmoss @daRealPig @jjgod @Shakirawei1 if you don’t want to then DM me! This is also MY first topic!

Winner gets nothing! :joy:


Why me I dont listen to music I just like minecraft music.



There is already a similar topic here:


I thought there was.


Killrude - Paint The Wall


top 3 rappers: lil tjay, polo g, pop smoke
top 3 lil tjay songs: goat, go in, F.N.
top 3 polo g songs: 21, lost files, deep wounds
top 3 pop smoke songs: invincible, showin off pt. 2 ft. fivio foreign, war ft. lil tjay


I think i hav heard som of that


hmmm music


pope is a rockstar by renee and thought i found i way i probably lost


i vote for she dont use jelly and freewill


This one is one of my study songs (no words), but here goes: "Up is Down (from Pirates of the Carribean) by Hans Zimmer. Hope you guys enjoy!


guys not going to lie minecraft music is the best…