Your best moments


you can put here the video your best fights or funny moments from fights


Nice win at the end :slight_smile: I think you just need to focus on controlling your curve :slight_smile: You had a good control of space in different rounds, and having the space to move makes it easier to shoot, dodge etc. The only problem i saw is that you sometimes died early meaning that you didn’t get enough survival points. The trick is either to practice your ship control, or to use timebomb to blast through walls etc., and keep zap for the point stealing. Actually if you drop a timebomb next to you, you can pretty much just go in circles and never die!! Nice win at the end though :slight_smile:


see 4 round :scream::rofl:


i the best forever :sunglasses::cfp::medal_sports:


My evolution :monkey_face: :chart_with_upwards_trend: :man:




i dont think these replay are good :sweat_smile:
but i apprectiate the great work u put in so keep it up

-hundatze :innocent:



-Kollekcion :wink:





Bros send your moments!


Match RzCZ31fZZ.0 I stole taras combo then arrogantly told chat in round 4 that I would win game in after another 4 rounds. Even though I was last.

Generally being arrogant af as I was super pissed off at the game and stuff as I was on a losing streak.

And I won :3

#15 very easy and kiss :smiley:



Hello i Kollekcion this my new account i have 6 lvl and rating 700 FFA 1508 TEAMS