Your best combos


Rank the combos you think you play best with which you have played alot, come first places more often and have achieved better rankings. With a few words rank your best combos but don’t include the ones you have played like 10 games with. I will start:

  1. trigger+180
  2. trigger+thick fever in back
  3. hide+multi
  4. mine+mine
  5. 1 shot+180
  6. 1 shot +jump
  7. laser+180
  8. trigger+double shot
  9. speedy + jump
  10. dash+zap
  11. 1 shot+double shot
  12. dash+hide
  13. trigger+laser
  14. tele+multi
  15. laser+time bomb in back
  16. tele+brake

  1. One Shot + Jump. I have not really used other combos mentioned above.

  1. mine jump :man_shrugging: by far the highest
  2. probably trigger + jump tbh even though I dont play it in ffa often
  3. laser 180
  4. dash homing


No i mean the combos YOU have used and think YOU are good with, not the combos that i used that i wrote above. Maybe some of the ones you played with are common with some that i played with. For example if you have played corner+laser alot you should write it down


time bomb+180. I decided to use time bomb because triggers small hitbox just wasn’t working for me. I go between this hide+laser, and trigger+double shot


Hide + Zap.
Confuse, then steal.


I guess my best combo is teleport and homing or teleport and sideshot.