Yea boiiiii!



finally after 3 months I’ve got gold 4!!!
Im so happy! :grin: Luv u all! :smile: !!!;


Im proud of ya


Indescribable feeling when u reach such an special league :star_struck::star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:,keep doing


Thx all!!! :heart:


Nice man! <3


Nice job @The-Golden keep playing hard! Next goal is to reach diamond!!! Good luck! And see you out there!


You deserve it?






@Paradox @Property didn’t replied so what are u talking about bruh?


I think he meant you Gold? Maybe idk?




Not gonna start a thread for it, but I made it to diamond (for the time being atleast). Which has been my goal for around a million years (or when CFP started, which ever is more recent).

Happy :slight_smile:



hahahaha congrats man goooooolden


i did lol
sry i was recently reading @Property post that time :rofl:


Noice bruh


Hiiiiiiiii mosetafa!!! I was thinking that u don’t have an CFPF account. btw thx :smiley:


he does
have u not seen him :thinking:


Yes that was my 1st time when I saw him on CFPF


i see