XP and Coins



So, I’m here to talk about reward-based XP and Coins(beware: this and all suggestions following this are regarding Curvefever.pro Version 1.4.10).

It would be an honor if you could join us – Curvefever.pro Theory.

My suggestion is that you should receive XP and coins after each round independent of crates. This is for a few reasons:

#1. You can level up powers faster and get up levels faster as well. This would make the player more excited to upgrade and level up, as they can make more progress by playing games rather than waiting for their crates or spending gems on the crates.
#2. Players would spend more time playing, hoping to get to the next level fast or to upgrade a specific power.
#3. With XP and coins being delivered independent of crates, you can put more items to be given out in crates.

As I’ve been told by the developers, crates are meant to stagger progress. This is because there aren’t very many modules to unlock or give out, so they wanted to spread out the items and such.

While this does make sense, you could look at the Great Module Topic for ideas. Old players who already have all the modules(like me) will be happier as well to see more modules. They will, of course, need balancing, however.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. I’d appreciate it if you replied with your thoughts on this post :slight_smile:


you already get XP from games so i dont really see any issue here. Coins r going to diappear so neither r they.


No you don’t get XP. I mean the kind that increases your level, not your rank. And I mean that at the end of the game you get XP, not from crates that you receive from the end of the game.

As for coins I know they’re gonna go away :cry: but nothing I can do but hope it doesn’t. Then again, sometimes updates really aren’t as bad as they sound.


Dude if I say u get XP, then i mean you get XP :joy:

I think I play the game a lil longer then you :joy: and the first 3 players get XP after each game, according to the position u finished on.



Oh…the first 3. Got it. Still though, they should make something for the last few players, and more than just 3 XP at a time, given how much you need to level up later on.

Although actually, it does make sense that they give it out to only the first 3, since it shows that you played well enough to earn the XP. However, what if everybody does that? Someone will have to come last.

So maybe a little XP for those in 4th, 5th and 6th.

Also, again, there needs to be a lot more than just 3 XP. Maybe it should depend on your level. IDK.


They do not want you to gain levels that easily :joy: if you would get more then 3XP the first 15-20 levels would be over very quick.

And for the 4th - 6th issue. Well in the Olympic games the 4th is fucked. He doesnt get anything and will never be remembered. So i think the first 3 is fine. And i am sure if you play well then you get to the top 3 :joy:



#1: Was that the f-word? It goes against the rules of conduct for the forum :stuck_out_tongue:
#2: Actually I didn’t get to experience levels 1-22 because I was already on that level by the time the update came around.
#3: I think that you should get XP based on level. I’m on level 24, and it takes 3,000 XP to level up. 3 XP at a time would mean 1,000 games. Even if you played around 8 games a day like I do, it’ll take 125 days, or about a third of a year to level up.
#4: As for the 4th to 6th thing, somebody has to come in last. The point is, players will be driven to play more if they can be ensured XP in every round. However, I do see the problem. Creating popularity in the game is not the only thing the devs are looking out for. If someone with no skill is out there, they could enter and leave to gain XP. This also brings up the point that if you leave the game before it’s over and don’t end up in the top 3, then you should not receive a crate or XP for the round. It’s unfair. What if you had to leave for a personal reason? Being punished with a basic crate and lower rank is not the way to go.


#3 well i need 11.000 for my next lvl :joy: and i dont really complain about it. Yes it takes long, so what? Devs want you to play long, not getting every module and ship in one month or so. At the beginning it can be faster but then it really should slow down imo. Thats the same in every other game.

#4 well :joy: that sounds funny, but srsly if you have to leave, then it is your problem. What you suggest can be abused so easily. Just think of the following. I played the game perfect and suddenly lose a lot of points and would become 4th :joy: so i just leave and nothing happened



#3: IDK about that. Maybe it makes sense after you stop getting modules and ships. Also, you said “Thats the same in every other game.” Not true. Look at Goodgame.com, also known as Goodgame Empire. One of the most popular online flash-based free games.

Also, using “I don’t complain about it” doesn’t justify the situation. Because you stay silent doesn’t mean it’s not an issue other people can’t complain about, even if their complaining is misplaced(like mine may be). No offense here, don’t take it personally. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have said that, just that it isn’t a valid point to make.

#4: Actually I think you’re right on this one.


#3 well i think it would be boring to get more XP just to lvl easier :joy: then they could just make a new lvl require less XP :joy: i don’t know if i can speak for the devs here but i guess they dont want you to level up that fast (at the beginning you should cause it makes you stick to the game if you see progress)

And me being silent or not doesnt matter here :joy: i just try to bring my point across … handing out more XP is fun for the players, but what do you do once you unlocked everything? YES IT GETS BORING, you just dont have any goals to complete.



#3 Your point makes sense, but how would it be boring to level up easier? If you leveled up within a few weeks, it might be boring, because you’ll run out of goals to reach(except maybe upgrading). But at least it should be that you level up in 2 months rather than 4 months.

You said that it would be “boring to get more XP just to lvl easier.” Now you say that it’s fun for players to get more XP.

Although I agree that it doesn’t really matter after you’ve unlocked everything.


Oh then you didnt really get what i ment :joy:

At the beginning you should level faster because it gets you hooked and it is fun yea.
But lets say after you unlocked everything… you have nothing to do at all.

And for the 2 or 4 months :joy: i guess the devs want you to stick around for even more then 4 months maybe years it depends on how well the game runs. And tbh after you got all modules it doesnt really matter cause the ships are all the same.

Yes, i get that leveling faster even at the higher levels sounds great, but i think since you r already that high it doesnt matter that you stick around a lil longer.

Idk if you have ever heard of Pokemon GO. There is only phew players at the max lvl of 40. Every lvl you need more XP and leveling gets slower and slower.

And if you think you level too slow you can always buy researchers :joy:


“Although I agree that it doesn’t really matter after you’ve unlocked everything.” – By dragonfyre in his previous post in this thread.

So yes, I did misunderstand you.

Exactly my point though – you should level up faster in the beginning, when you still have an objective.


And that’s what you do :joy: at the beginning leveling is easy

But you shouldnt just get thrown the modules and ships at you. That would be weird.



Actually, you’re right. I wasn’t able to experience the beginning levels, so I shouldn’t judge. I realize now that I’m not dissatisfied with the current system.

Coins won’t matter soon, so that point is dead.


this is so sad :cry:

I want to change that at least for the CFP-Tournaments:
I’ll enter all 4th places on the Curve2Go-Tournament-page. So they will never be forgotten <3

Edit (31.12.18)
I’ve added it to the Tournament-page in the last update.