Wrong reward bug



Does anyone want to explain this and give me my rank back?


The reward screen is always correct and due to bugs the scoreboard could be wrong.

Explained in more detail here.


I understand the score board being 5 or so points off but how is it over 37 points off? Also whenever the score board is wrong when you go back to it it will fix itself but it in no way did that.


The game code is H1e6SnrnnV.0 Also for some context round 9 never happened for me I won after round 8.


That can happen because your client thinks the match ended and therefore doesn’t start the next round because it’s already ended.
This is something we should improve in the future for sure but we kinda left it this way so that we can detect score syncing bugs otherwise it would be out of sync and we wouldn’t know so easily.
Best would be if we just fixed the score syncing issues. :blush:

Also the amount of points doesn’t really matter it could be for example a hit was registered on your client while the round already ended on the server. Stuff like this shouldn’t happen and it probably doesn’t but it’s just an example what the bug could be so the score doesn’t really matter.


Ok makes sense. Thank you for explaining it for me. Rooting for the devs on this one games are hard to make. lol