Would you rather



In here create polls and do would you rather

  • kill a cat
  • kill a dog
  • eat a cat
  • eat a dog
  • adopt a killer bunny
  • adopt a rabid dog

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  • Take Freezing cold showers for rest of your life
  • Take burning hot showers for rest of your life

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your dark side xD


Would you rather

  • get $1000 but not being able to play a game ever again
  • not getting money and just stay normal

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What Would u rather

  • lots of love
  • lots of money

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i wouldn’t do that for a million dollars if you mean i wont be able to play any game ever.

  • play the newest version of curvefever.pro and u good but not so many gems
  • play since alpha and be like a failure but have many gems

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  • Own a cat!
  • Own a dog!
  • Own a slugcat!
  • Own a slugdog???

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  • be a pro in Curve Fever Pro but you have a constant ping over 500
  • be a noob in Curve Fever Pro and play with a good ping (~40)

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im the best player, but i have also the most lags so it is no “would u rather” for me :relaxed:

-hundatze :innocent:

  • have a ton of lags and be in like 2nd
  • be in last place

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i guess yall really hate cats…

  • Have a horrible computer, but have a million dollars
  • Have a literal NASA super computer, but you’re broke.

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  1. buy a better computer
    2 sell the jesus computer