Would you prefer Pi (π), Tau (τ), or Eta (η) in math?



Which of the three would you rather use the most in math: Pi, Tau, or Eta? You can tell me why in the comment section below.

  • Pi
  • Tau (2π)
  • Eta (1.5π)

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If you have the time to celebrate any of them, which letter’s holiday would you celebrate?

  • Pi Day (March 14th, or 3/14)
  • Tau Day (June 28th, or 6/28)
  • Eta Day (June 11th, even though it’s 4/71)

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This may be the most trivial topic I ever made, but I’m proud of that. :sweat_smile::raised_back_of_hand:


Im for Dominoday FYI :rofl:


Dang it. You mentioned Domino Day, and I suddenly got nostalgia from it (last time I watched something like it was back in elementary, when I was around 8 or 9).


Update: Script with Pi winning both polls

Pi: See? I told you guys that I’m the best!
Eta: Dude, you’re stupid, Pi!
Tau: I agree with Eta.
Pi: No I’m not! I can do anything!