Worst combo



Hey guys and girls! I want to find out what is the worst combo in cf pro. By that I mean that it should be generally the hardest combo to win with. I want to define it in 2 steps: at first please just give me ideas please by commenting here. Then I will make a poll and you will be welcome to vote there to define really the worst and toughest combo to play with!
I will start with a few proposals from myself:
angle turns+shield

Although you may propose combos with attacking modules as well, I think it’s much harder to win with two defensive modules. Even zap, homing or scatter can be occasionally good and allow you to make a comeback in hard situations.


For what skill level?
For bronzes/silvers, I think trigger + angle turns would be the hardest, both of them take a lot of time to master. Laser also seems hard to use but I haven’t unlocked it yet.
I haven’t the slightest idea for Diamonds/GMs.


Hmm 4 me the worst combo is shield and brake


Jump + Homing



And the real one? :wink:


angle turns mutli shot at same time xD it just makes me rage seeing unknown using it ahaha how u can even aim multi using angle


i don’t know if it is possible(i think it is) but anything with trigger bomb in the back


The thing is you can even not use angle (which will still be in a slot), but use multi. This module alone makes the combo better than tele+thin or speed+thin


Yes, I remember Owl using it (a long time ago though). But maybe you’re right, thin+trigger in the back… ouch!


yea trigger in the back is condidered blasphemy in my head :laughing: we should ban @Owl for that


I guess I wasn’t precise enough: the combo with which it’s hard to win even if it’s mastered. If you mastered angle then even trigger can be good enough with it: you can use it as jump. Laser is one of the op modules. But even if you mastered your curving it’s still hard to win with thin+shield. For sure harder than angle+trigger


Hardest combo? I think for me it would be
Top: Time bomb
Bottom: Invisible
That was the dumbest combo I ever did it was so hard :disappointed:


Well, I kind of disagree. Both modules are good for sure. It’s possible to become gm with hide alone, let alone adding timebomb. I guess you need to try thin+speed or angle+teleport to realise how difficult it might be to win with some combos!


Yea i know but using them same time hell no thats definitly the worst :joy:


Separate they are great but jut not meant to be together.


Z3RO tried dash and trigger in back let me tell u he did great job :joy::joy::joy: he likes it a lot he won several times with it


well yea using trigger in the back is like using my pc’s mother board to cook eggs - its not meant for that. You have other things that work better to put in back :stuck_out_tongue: we should also ban Z3RO then


i cant agree more :pray::joy::joy::joy:


this dude rlly wants to be thicc


dumbest combo i ever did was angle turn top and hideself bottom xD