Woah nellie lag



image there was like 300 players holy mageebers is this why curvefever.pro is so laggy


naah that is a fake screenshot i also fall for this :sweat_smile:
ur welcome :innocent:

-hundatze :relaxed:


I saw ~420 players in the queue today.


more less like 690


Look at the time I had to wait for a match one time! :joy:



thats a known bug :innocent:


Actually that’s nothing I sometime waited over 5mins to get into a game


Wow, that must have been so boring to wait through! :worried:


Nah not really :joy: been chatting with some interesting people


there should be something interesting to do while you wait or something idk
like play a quick match to get ur xp up or something


Yo hundatze. Gabby, I had the same problem too and it was lagging so much it crashed my computer 11 times!:sob:


i can complain forever about this.




I’m in plain gold so I don’t really have that problem but sometimes I do see diamond 4 and I’m like jeez


I am about to be diamond, actually! I am Gold 5! :stuck_out_tongue:


lucky ducky

i mean lucky sluggy