Winner with less than 250 points



Here you see the leader (green) had 241 points, but the game was over. There was no leaderboard shown, it just was finished on this screen. Several times it happen with me that game was over when leader had 249 (which is also annoying because you choose different tactics relying on how many points other players have), but I suppose that in this case it’s not 249, but something like 249,99…
241 is clearly something new


Are you certain the other player saw the result screen?

There are currently some bugs in the game that causes you to lose the connection with the server without errors and there are some bugs that cause the game to break and therefore it does not end.
These issues are on the client and not on the server so not all users in the game would always be affected.
We’re currently looking into these issues and trying to fix them.


Well, yesterday I played with @NICK and idk if this screenshot is me or not. But i had 241 points as well, died first, didnt steal points from anyone. And suddenly ended up getting a random +16 and winning.


That’s because the game on the server continues and you just got lucky.
It’s just that the game is not rendering anymore what the server is doing because the game is either disconnected or broken due to an error.


It’s exactly this game @Line. Did you see the final result screen though? Because we didn’t (you see other players are confused in the chat too)


Also as you see I died in the air here :wink:


Probably just related to the other game bugs.
Marking this as duplicate, let us know if it still happens after the next update with bug fixes.