Win at +0 point



I really like the new matching system, which seems less restrictive than the previous one. However I would really appreciate if the +0 point for a win didnt exist anymore. Maybe a minimum of +1 for the symbol ??


You actually get +0.xx … But it really isn’t cool to see a +0 you are definitely right there.


Actually it’s not a bad idea to see the real number. Like +0.45. Definitely better to see rather than “+0” :grinning:


the rating exchange system is fair as it is.

If the minimum point gain for first were artificially set at +1 then in theory players would be able to trivially boost their ratings by joining rooms full of bronzes (and taking the +1.00 rather than +0.05, for example)… not saying anyone WOULD necessarily do that just to climb places on the GM list, but at the same time it’s not a behaviour you’d want to encourage


I get that, but at the same time a lot of gms don’t choose to join rooms full of bronzes, but are given rooms full of bronzes and silvers by matchmaking.


Then obvs the problem is with the matchmaking algorithms / lack of a large enough skilled playerbase if that happens regularly.

Being matched with a room full of sub-1200 players is annoying sure, but giving GMs a full rating point for meaningless victories over them that the rating system implies they’re expected to win ~99.9% of the time isn’t a solution and would defeat the purpose of having ratings.


I was more meaning to maybe change the matching system to prevent win at at less than 1 point to happen. Match player only if everybody can at least win 1 point.

Otherwise maybe seeing the real number would be slightly better (seeing +0.3 pt would be better than +0 point :-D)


Others might enjoy playing against people over 1k rank away. I would prefer to wait 15 minutes to play with people with similar rank.


that seems fair


Pro guys, since quick games dont give us xp points,i think its better to play in custom games, its better than waiting long queue times and gaining 0 rank points :slight_smile: