Why when someone lag, everyone see him lag?


Ok so basically I just played a game with a dude playing the speed up power up, AND HE WAS LAGGING LIKE HELL

So he was tp’ing on the map, and when he was using the speed power up IT WAS UNPLAYABLE HE WAS KILLING LIKE 3 PLAYERS EVERYTIME HE WAS USING THE POWER UP ???

Like wtf is even this ? why do we have to see him lag ? just ban players who lag on purpose ( because yea this was obvious as hell that that was a lag on puprose ton win, he knew exactly what he was doing )

this is not possible to call your game “PRO” when some people can just turn on the lag switch AND DESTROY GAMES BY TPING EVERYWHERE ON THE MAP ???


enjoy everyone :slight_smile:


DUDE, it is not his fault he is lagging. Have u ever tried to play speed while lagging?? And also, next time get a replay as well. As for why u see him lag, if his internet is slow, the game receives his controls a bit late, and thus u see him lag. These things are just parts of the game and u can leave cfp if u dont like them.


This only works on peer to peer games when you are the host, like call of duty. It will not really give you an advantage when you connect to a server you will just disconnect yourself, see the kids crying about this in the comment section of your link.




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