Why thin is better than brake



All of us know that brake is a relatively easy to use survival tool to turn much sharper in exchange for a lot of your speed but when used it can also open you up to losing a lot of points. Thin is an overlooked power that makes your size turn into half of what it was which helps you turn a little bit sharper and helps you get through smaller holes and areas with ease while retaining your speed. Ok now I want to show you each powers stats. Brake takes 4 seconds to charge and lasts for 2 seconds which is again helpful for turning to live longer but also a pain because of how easy of a target you become. Thin takes the same 4 seconds to charge but its duration is for 5 seconds which allows you to loop it endlessly throughout a round with you being able to be one-fourth regular size for 1 second out of every 4. Now like all passive moves the damage of the points being stolen from you is mitigated by a stat named protection. Brake protects 16.5 percent of your points which means at 300 points roughly 50 of your points would be completely protected from getting stolen if I’m understanding how CFP calculates protection. Meanwhile thin protects 28 percent of your points which means at 300 points at all times at least 84 of those points cannot be stolen and when your at one-fourth size 168 of those points cannot be stolen and your also just a smaller target for getting hit by shots instead of being too slow to do anything about it. Any objections?


I’m not sure if being double thin makes you have double protection.


Using thin once makes you half your size so if the size reduction carries over then I think the protection might also.