Why strong fields also steal most points, while weak fields are 100% useless?


Strong fields like inverse steal also the most points.

Weaker fields like sand-clock steal low points. So these kind of fiels are 100% useless. Make them ballanced, not that difficult and more deversity would result.


Currently, the fevers are basically split into three tiers; all based around how the fevers affect your ability to survive.

The low-tier are those that alter your ability to control your ship, as they significantly increase the odds of you crashing.

Then we have the mid-tier fevers that leave you in perfect control of your ship, but alter something slightly that may lead to a crash, like your vision or your size.

Then the last fever, clock block, doesn’t really alter your ability to stay alive at all, so it’s currently the highest attack fever.


Maybe just get better at the game?


That will be the easiest way


That sounds good,

but no player ever will make it to level the modues to full level.
So the hole system is design for pay to win players :c


I mean, I got all of mine to level 6 or higher so far. Getting closer and closer to having them all at 9. All I do is do those daily crates and I seem to be averaging 500 coins each day, not even taking into account the gems that I’ll get to eventually trade in for even more coins.

Even if this final stretch is going to be the hardest bit, my patience has been paying off. As well as I keep wondering my way into GM only using crate games, despite my modules not being at the level others are at.


Its easy to get to GM cause just few people play and most times you battle newcomers what are easy wins with zap or gold fevers.

So you got all to lvl 6 in 60 days, nice for you.
Notice, that new players will get way less gold, cause now strong players with strong modules are here, while back in 60 days you were one of the first with such strong powers.

So new players have to lose 90 days in unfair matchups vs players with stronger ships, until they were able to get all modules to lvl 6. Thats no fun, so people leave the game. Just pay-to-win noobs will stay, cause they just buy the powers. I guess thats exactly what the admins want … money.


I can see a fair bit of salt in this comment.


salt, and truth.


Have you actually tried to look in the queue to see who’s currently in before joining?


Man stop complaining. Just start playing to get better.


I dont need to get better, i could win unfair whenever i want …

but i dont wanne win, i want a fair and balanced game, searching hard for the slightest advantage or strategy. Not just picking zap/speed, wait until there are just silvers in the queue and farm rank points easy :c


Do realize that the game can still be fair, even if not all the modules are balanced.

In order to get a decent advantage in the game, you need to pay thousands of dollars, which I don’t think anyone here has done.