Why make the laser power so inaccessible?


I’ve been playing Curve Fever Pro for around 6 months now. I have 3 accounts, all of them in diamond, my main account sits around D2 having about 1500 hundred matches played. I still haven’t unlocked reverse yet and I’m nowhere near laser. It’ll probably take me another few months to get it if not longer, and that’s just on my main account. Why make a facet of the game so inaccessible? I want to play with it and pair it with a few combos I have but the wait feels so boring and pointless I’ll probably give up before I unlock it :man_shrugging:


it mostly depends on how much you play. I am Gold 4 and am halfway to reverse, but i play almost every day since december

yea im kinda addicted


hmm i got it in 3 months with 888 games played, getting 4 gold crates everyday is more important than playing a ton


So you have to come 1st place in your first 4 games of the day every single day (very unlikely unless you are a God) and then it’ll take you “only” 3 months - and that isn’t problematic?


Bare in mind that before in this game we had a low chance to get the laser (was a legendary power),since they gave u only a 1% to get it and only in gold crates(before were 8 crates per day)


Well, let’s say you’re getting 8 golden crates a day by dropping rank and playing like a god in the lower leagues, the chances of winning a 1% prize in 100 crates is about 64% (via the Bernoulli Process). 100 / 8 crates is 12.5 days. 64% chance to unlock the laser in 12.5 days if you get only golden chests. Those chances seem A LOT better to me than grinding for almost a year to unlock the power. :confused:


Yeah,i tried to downrank too those days,but devs told me that there was a hidden crate rank system,which paired you with players with a similar crate rank…xd,but i get your point,was easier before,even though some players like angelov that awaited for like 3 months to get a legendary power


Back then you could be super unlucky win all games and never get lasr at all. Now you just have to win which in all honesty is quite easy if you choose the right powers. The higher tier powers are for those players that play a lot and are (like lasr) not easy to use.

Of course it takes time, and once you got lasr there is nothing at all you can unlock :stuck_out_tongue: so as long as you can grind for something do that :joy: Atm I take ages to level up only once for me since I am almost at lvl 33.