Why jump has delay?


so… shots are fired as soon as u press the key. no delay. fevers are also thrown as soon as u press.
shield, thin, corner etc… ALL work instantly…
But jump has a little delay. WHY ???
it should work like the other modules IMO but i want to know the reasoning behind the delay. I am sure the delay was put intentionally so… why?


Here is no delay on the jump (unless you count the milliseconds), I don’t know what you mean.
If you have a delay, this is due to the connection between:
Your computer -> game server


no. jump has some delay and it’s not due to computer or connection. When u press jump, it does a little jumping action and then (after a split second) it actually performs a jump. so of course its intentional , cuz there is no delay in that initial jumping action.


Loading the jump animation and executing the script may take several hundred milliseconds. The jump can not be performed immediately.


well, other powers “execute their script” (almost) instantly. i don’t see why it cant be the case with jump.


It consists of several factors: loading animation, creating a collision, etc. If there were less delay, then at the expense of animation. Note that in other fevers, the general script is created at the place of stop.


Hey Meow,

I looked into the code and tested some things to understand where the idea of the delay comes from.

In the code directly execute the jump abilty as soon as you press your key down.
What “executing the jump ability” means is probably where the confusion comes from.
When a jump is started, the line is stopped being drawn and the effect-duration starts to tick down (we could show a timer but decided not to as a jump only takes 500ms as of now).
At the same time, the jump animation is started to visualize that you are jumping.
This animation builds up, comes to a max (for a very brief moment; 250ms) and then “fades” out again.
(For this particular animation we use a basic, linear animation.)

What I suspect is that the feeling of delay you are experiencing comes from the 125ms build-up animation that happens before the ship is at full “jump-height”.


ye i guess there is no delay…
Now that i hv tried jump again after reading this, it seems more likely that the delay was just an illusion.
But not just because of that animation buildup but also because the jump starts from the tip of the ship (and it rightly should) and usually I am looking at the middle of the ship and somehow expect the jump to begin from the tip of the line (base of the ship) .

So yea theres no delay, thanks for clearing this up :slight_smile: