Why is this trippy fever thing so big?


I was just playing a normal curve fever pro game and someone shot a trippy fever and look at how big it is.
PS: (its on the left of the screen)


This is very common for me. I don’t know the cause of the issue, but the collision detection remains the same (I’ve driven into them before) so it’s a client-side problem, not to be concerned.

Happy curving!


If I recall correctly it’s a bug where the deploy animation for the fever runs twice, causing it to megasize. It’s just a graphical glitch though, so the radius of the actual fever is still normal.


Thats common…

  1. Big fever
  2. Stealth Mine is bigger than screen


It is most likely a desync bug. It is pretty much around since the start. Probs even the devs dont know why this is happening.


OK… Lol that “desync” bug is kinda common


That is one big mine :joy:


No its stealth mine


thanks guys