Why game is so much pay to win?


gold modules = easy win
other modules = waste of time


I’m using basic modules and i’m a Grandmaster.
If you master a module you could win a game.


Gold modules start at level 9, which is why they seem so powerful. If you put in the time to upgrade the other modules to that same level, they’re actually pretty comparable. The non-golds are even a lot easier to upgrade due to their upgrade points not being so rare.

I’ve got a handy little guide comparing every module at the same level if you’d like to check that out and/or voice a complaint about module imbalance.


you cant level other modules to that point,

you need about 20.000 gold to level one non-gold module to gold-module state. That are 40 days of crate collecting. If you wanne use 2 modules you need 80 days. The gold is worth 500€ if you wanne buy it in the shop.

sounds pretty much pay to win for me.


Unless you actually play the game and open crates?


Like i do? :frowning:


Well do you? :rofl:



you get about 500 gold a day from crates,
makes 40 days for 20.000 gold. the gold you need to level modules …


@wired, just try to play the game as it is and stop complain !!!


playing the game will not make it less bad and unballenced.


There’s definitely a pretty huge imbalance between low-level modules and high level-modules. The way points are calculated is attack/defense. Say if the enemy’s attack is 120, and your average defense is 1000, 120/1000 they’re stealing 12% of your points.

These percentages only get worse as you mix high-levels with low-levels because the high levels can steal a larger % of your points while you struggle to fight back due to them having a higher defense.

However; the game now is willing to give you free level 3’s, 6’s, and even 9’s. It’s throwing you a bone and allowing you something to fight back with while you work on upgrading the other modules you like.

System definitely isn’t perfect, and I’ve even made several threads on possible solutions; such as instead of modules just being objectively better in every way as you upgrade them, they instead allowed you to shift the values of your attack and defense stats - allowing the player more options instead of just being stronger.