Why does the game remove points?


I used to be diamond 3, but the game has put me back to diamond 1 yet again. Its the fifth time or so my points have been put back by 50 or more.

Is this because a update on matchmaking? Or do they remove my points because ive been inactive?

If the game removes yours points because inactiveness i will probably just stop playing, its not like i have everyday to play this little game…

But if its just because of updates I can understand, still pretty annoying.


Boi there are NO MORE UPDATES … If u lose u lose rank … If u were not active idk but it removes rank for it… (I had the losing rank cuz not active)
BTW welcome to the CFPF community @Regenworm !


This is true, it is a measure that was taken because people were abusing the leaderboard.