Why Do All Player Leave At Certain Servers?


I have no idea why all players leave after someone is about to win. Is it because of the lag? Is it obvious enough? I wanted to get an answer from this question… (But not in an impatient way)


there could be many reasons for this:

  1. The player gave up. (they Think that they cant win)
  2. server issues.
  3. connection issues. (Your internet)


Thanks for the answers.

For #1, that is for players – specifically silver (and a rare chance with gold) players – that they know they aren’t to go to win, even if they tried. I wished that they realize that everybody loses and they’re not going to be in a good spot every time.
For #2, this is for players that couldn’t continue playing since the lag breaks the server so hard that they’ll just get/lose points early.
For #3 – Yes, it can also happen when they can’t progress due to the internet issues that makes them lose points and/or die automatically. I was like this too, but sometimes I don’t think about giving up because I think I might’ve gotten a chance to get some points.


Well you will gain more or lose less rank points if they leave, its better for you.


So – even with a bad server – that seems to work when players leave?


me like a experienced player never quit the game in case of strong lag issues,despite im already willing to lose rank and a better crate,that moment i pray to god and cross my fingers