Why cant i be invisble while flying?


Hello guys,
my first post is about a bug i recently saw in cfp.
The problem is that when i take a jump pickup THEN uses hide self i won’t be able to cross lines even if i’m flying,you can try it yourself by taking jump pickup FIRST then use hide self, because when i tried to use hide self then the pickup the bug didn’t appear(i wanted to show you a video about the bug but it didn’t record ).
Please fix this problem as quickly as you can and correct me if i’m wrong, have a nice day
p.s : sorry if my english was bad


That’s not a bug. Invisible is made to cancel your jump by regaining your collision box.


if u wanna fly and stay inv u gota activate invisible first then take the jump if u do opposite it wont work xD



I know but, while being invisible you can see yourself flying.Try it yourself


If what you are saying works and the opposit doesn’t it will make no sense