Why can we no longer see who is in queue?



This is bad, I’d personally always join when I see people my rank are joining. Now it just says “4 people in que” but I don’t even know who it is. Seriously who came up with this idea?


we added the feature to be able to rematch. That is why we changed how the matchmaking queue is displayed. (Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 25-06-2019 | 1.8.0)

If I may ask, what is your rank in the game?


Yeah, I think it would be better if you keep at least this for non-grouped players.


I’m with you on this. I keep on getting matched with lots of far lower ranked players and this is annoying for many reasons (most of them obvious, but just to name a few):

  • It’s not really too much fun to play if all players are much weaker
  • It’s not fun to play for other players as well
  • If you are much higher ranked than other players, if you don’t come 1st you loose rank and with the amount of bugs that the game has at the moment it’s easy to loose because of reasons not connetect to how u play (eg. last game players were just dying randomly all the time: https://curvefever.pro/37/replay/HyGt4VelH - not sure if this replay will work - it crushed for me when I tried to play it)


I’m a diamond 1 player. And sorry I don’t like the new system I liked being able to play with all different kinds of people and being able to win different points depending on who I’m playing with.


Thank you for your feedback!

We agree that it is nice when players can see a list of who is ready in the queue and who they might be matched against, and we also miss that in the current version. And thus, we are currently working on a way to bring that back into the current system.

(Please note that this will be different when the teams update goes live.)