Why back throw is always better


This will be a post why throwing backwards with fevers is always better.

So why is always throwing backwards better? To answere this question we will need to think about what the best positioning to throw is.
As a fever player u always want be positioned in a way that allows u to throw a big distance. The reson for this is simple. The bigger the distance u can cover the more likely it gets that there is a player u can hit.

This positioning would be good for a player that playes a fever backwards but not for players that plays one forward. Its just unlikely to hit somone in front of you with the outer wall so close.
This is also the reason why fever players should not be in the middle of the map. Being in the middle cuts the distance u can throw in any direction in half. Spammers are an exeption here since they can throw in both directions.
We want our throw, regardless if its in front or on the back to face the middle. It just covers the bigger distance that way.

Now the question is witch side does face the middle longer ?
There are 2 resons why it is the backside of the ship,

The fist reson is: Since u dont want do be in the middle of the Map u also dont want to face the middle. Because facing the middle would bring u there. This would make the back side better.

The second reson is: That the space in the middle of the map is generally taken first. If there is no space in the middle u also dont want to be heading there. This also makes backwards throw better.
U can actally see that ppl face the outer wall more often then the middle if u watch games.

The only exeption to this rule is speedy. Because u can use it faster on yourself at the front and that enables certain playstiles. Also im only speaking of fevers here its different with mines.
If we could go through the outer wall and throw stuff through it it would be compleatly the same for both sides.

Btw. i dont think forward is underpowerd in any way i just wanted to point this out. I have actally only reached GM using forward in the past ^^

This is why i think backwards it better than forward. Let me know if i forgot something or whatever.
Sry for my bad english xD

Have a lovely day


It’s so good, yeah I agree