Why are all the Good People Playing Unranked?



I’ve noticed all the good players always want to play unranked. I mean i understand, but at the same time i really don’t. They know they’re probably going to win. Even if they don’t, the worst that will happen is they get second place. They’re all just braggin, unranked playin, high rankers. Well, some of them are good. In fact, a lot of them, but i thought I’d point it out.


uh okay? didnt notice that


unranked games can be fun as well




oh im not sayin they arent fun


I met a certain player who was raging bc they lost 50 trophies and dia rank due to lag today. So if one is experiencing lag, unranked is good.


Taking a break is also fine. That way, when you come back, you’ll feel fresh and better.


yeah lag happens often


Probably they are scared :scream: to lose there :scream: gm rank :scream:


most play for a fun practice so that if they mess up it wont affect their rank bc i do the same


same to me i always go to unranked the second i open this tab so i get warmed up


I just got gold and then I played some matches and lost it. At least I had gold for 7 minutes


I have been bronze 4 for ever. and. when i join matches they are never ranked…and its always GM’s playing non ranked matches


I see gms playing quickplays a lot


At the same time though they’re probably afraid to lose their rank like me. I just got back to gold 4 today after 1 year of trying.