Who pays for energy, skins, etc.? (POLL, VOTE HERE)


  • I pay for the game.
  • I could pay, but prefer not to or simply don’t in general.
  • I can’t pay at all.

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…Geert pays for his own game?


all devs do


Hmmm. That’s kinda cheating. The poll was meant for the userbase, not the devs…anyways whatever.


Reviving this thread so that more people see it :slight_smile:


Im just looking forward on more skins with fantastic exhaust particles such as golden,platinum,rasta skin or patriotic usa skin


I didn’t pay for anything in the game yet. I do get all skins for free for being a dev though, but no extra gems or energy/power points, so we also play with the same system as all of you.


Always i thought devs could activate god mode and having level 8 ship with superstar progression status (i thought this in april)


Since skins are, besides rank and powers you unlock, the only way to actually show progression. Besides, how often do you play anyways? To test bugs?


I play pretty often as I actually enjoy playing the game, I have more than 2000 matches:



I have god mode of course :smiley:



Wow, you have played even more games than me!


I’ve played 2296 matches and got 1474 in rank, so that’s something. :slightly_smiling_face:


Maluku and legolas have like 10k matches xD


I have 2300-2400 xD And i play this game from 26th February.


Woah…so many people voted…


So then…

I really do hope the devs think up of something.