Who likes Fortnite?


Hey everyone, SkEpToR BlAsTeR here,
If any of you guys out there like Fortnite, then just reply to me with your in-game Fortnite name and I will friend you ASAP. My name is written here: SkEpToR_BlAsTeR.
Please reply soon;


hI I pLaY fOrTnItE tOo iF yOu wAnT mY uSeRnAmE lEt mE kNoW




Stopped playing after Season 4. It isn’t the same nowadays.


My username is DefaultsT0wn. I only play on the weekends. I play on Nintendo Switch btw.


I will try friend you, and what’s your real name? Or else my big bro will make me unfriend u! I am on PS4 Pro.


it didnt work because you play on ps4 and i play on nintendo switch. rip


Mine is WreckitelfWrecks


what d o you play on


Xbox and you can’t say it doesn’t work because I have a switch friend and I play with him


then what is your epic games username?


That’s what it is my Xbox name is invincibleJosh1


Dont u play apex legends😂,i used to play fortnite on ps4 and got the umbrella for getting magistral victory ,but i sold it to buy an used laptop to play cfp instead


Oh haha


Wait why don’t you just play fortnite on that




we like fortnite we like fortnite we like fortnite


Boi :joy::joy: