Who is your favorite moderator?



Who is your favorite moderator from 2018 - 2021?

Name below!

Ping them please!

(In 1 week I will be adding a poll to this very topic!)

P.S.: This topic is not meant to offend any other mods.


I will start first:

My favorite moderator is @hohoho


Mine is @prabh


Of course prabh! But you are my 2nd favorite moderator!


Speaking of which. Can we 1v1 on my Aron 3.0 account? ranked?


Glad you found a way to get at least 1 vote

    • hohoho
    • prabh
    • zuzi
    • lightsword
    • who else
    • robtt44
    • big_aur
    • gremlin

0 voters

lol I don’t know everyone


I love all the mods tbh but one banned me so your not on the top :stuck_out_tongue: :blush:
Like zuzi and big are so nice but I have not gotten to know you two very well.
I have know and played with hohoho for like a year.


LightSword and @Robt44 are both the same person. I’d suggest removing the “LightSword” category.


His chances are higher!


Please remove the poll. I have said that I will do it in a week.


just make one now… :thought_balloon:


No I will not. I follow my own rules. I don’t see why the rule I made should change.


Robt44 = LightSword


2018-2021 would include all of them. I would say my main man would be @Ozzzj :heart: .


no1 cares lol


I care… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I would vote for @theangelov if he was on the list :stuck_out_tongue:


Man I feel so sad. You forgot me :pensive:


Who forgot you?