Who do you think is the nicest player on curve fever


Here is how it works:
you put in a players name and say why they are so nice
ezy i will make a top 5 chart of the winners :grinning:
I will say my pick soon


This is a good one! I have got a couple picks I could go for! These are probably my top 3 rn, I am sorry if I forgot someone.

  1. NICK, he is always up for a good chat and some fun games.
  2. Maya, super nice in-game, always says gl and hf.
  3. Noodles, not playing too much lately but he is the goat :joy:


Here are some of my picks, sorry if i don’t mention you.

  2. theangelov
  3. aLpHeR
  4. 74R45
  5. Night
  6. Death
  • This list is not in any specific order, just the order i thought of them.


oh it all ok if u dont mention me i am @Person
oh and here is my picks

  1. Maya
  2. Theangelov
  3. pigcrafts YT
  4. Sil


I think that all community of Curve Fever Pro is Awesum and i dont want to hurt anyone’s feelings
Sry for edits i hurt mostafa’s feelings


Here’s my list

  1. Horton
  2. Alpher
  3. theangelov


Honestly, the whole cf community is really awesome, it’s hard to pick a bunch of people and say YEAH THESE ARE THE NICEST
Y’all are awesome and probably the reason I kept playing cf back in 2017 as well as the reason I keep coming back even in 2020.


It’s actually so nice to see such a topic! As Taras said there’s a plenty of nice guys/girls in community, I don’t know so much salty people (maybe 2-3). I would say that my chart of nicest people would definitely include (not in any particular order) Line, 74R45, Life/Death, theangelov. Not sure there should be a real chart with places: I don’t know how you can compare such things :wink:


Line u forgot che :sweat_smile::joy:


Oh true :joy: super nice dude (if he doesn’t play with corner haha jk)


golden i wouldn’t put ur name if i post on this :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy::joy::joy: but thanks for putting it first it means a lot ; )


Everyone ive met is nice except for like randoms that come from external sites and a person i will not name :slight_smile:


Yes, I definitely agree. I feel like I will hurts some of my friend’s feelings if I didn’t include them though


I agree with 74R45. The community of Curve Fever Pro is really nice compared to some other games (not going to name them but most of you know at least one of them which I am referring to). There have been some players, that have been rude sometimes. I mean, we all have bad days sometimes, do not we? Therefore, I am not going to create a list like that because it could hurt someone’s feelings and it would be really hard to decide who would be there.


nooooo :heartbroken: i thought ure my friend :pensive:


:frowning: sorry mosfa…
Sorry that i hurt ur feelings :frowning:
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:confounded::sob: were not friends anymore :sob::sob::sob:


Cri :sob:




make me first again, :joy::joy::joy: gn