Who are the people who develop the games?


On the old Donation Tab, it showed a pic of who I’m guessing are the developers… the women in the pic, who are they, like their CFP username? Couple were pretty fine :wink:


I don’t know why your so interested lol but I can answer!!!
The women was NoFlavor, community manager I believe.
Man to the right was Rojoss, lead Dev and cookie monster.
Others include xcs jort Geert(god of cf) and SojaBird !!!
Those are the Dev team at hidden monster games! I would tag them for you but then they would come at me:(.

Sorry for asking, what did you mean by they were fine? Or should I not ask?


These are ordinary developers and my friends with sirinsoftware, they are engaged in any kind of development and can make any cool projects. In particular, they work coolly in the direction of EMBEDDED‌ ‌SOFTWARE‌ ‌DEVELOPMENT‌ https://sirinsoftware.com/services/embedded-software-development-services/


Bro these ppl gone this is two years