Where is the Grind?


Can we just take a moment to realise that you cant even grind this game? you have to spend money on this game to even get half of the things on offer. It seems so wierd that you target a player base around 8-15 years old, but then have GEM prices so high that only kids that steal their parents credit card would be dumb enough to buy.


First up the devs need to make a living out of this game, always keep that in mind :stuck_out_tongue: And tbh you can kinda grind to get some free stuff, just level up! Also there is the possibility to win prizes at the tournaments!


If you make a good game the money will follow, if you make a game for money then the result will be cfpro.


You can unlock all powers just by playing. Most cosmetic item are only available for purchase.


I agree. This is a free to play game and the guys actually have an office that they work in, putting in long hard hours to make tweaks to try and give us the game we want. The least you can do is give them a tip by purchasing gems - plus it is only cosmetic items that you get on the battle pass. You can unlock all weapons by simply playing.

When this launches on Steam I would happily pay a few dollars for it and I think the team should consider investing a little money in marketing/advertising to get the game noticed. Maybe work towards selling it for $5.99 but do free to play weekends with double xp or something. Can we get Pewdiepie or Jacksepticeye to play it on YouTube…? Has anyone tried contacting them? Can you get a booth at E3?

Invest any profits into new game modes. Perhaps add rare collectables to crates which you can trade with other players for an extra reason to play. I believe in you guys!


Fun fact: When the game got released the system of getting powers was a bit harder but even though i menaged to get some cool items like laser. i have it on 43 even though it is unlockable lvl 52 now.

Or i got now hide self when in early days i couldn’t get it by myself.


I’m a fairly regular user, and to my shame have not yet spent money on the game. I have all the powers and even a nice skin or two as a result of the battle pass or gems I got free for levelling up.

As far as I’m concerned this game operates as a free-to-play game but gives dedicated users the option of supporting the developers. As someone who isn’t really in a position to do that currently I’m extremely happy with what I can do for free.


nah,i understand to get laser or reverse,it’ll take a while but u can reach a decent rank with some few grind hours ,depends on u how skilled are (some guys make it with lvl 1-4 powers)