Where is it?


I just got the Regular badge at the making of this post, and the badge description claims that you have access to a "private lounge area", but I can’t seem to find it anywhere! If anyone can point me there, that would be great!


I was regular on another discourse forum, it would just be another section for regulars like #general / #feedback but it was #regulars so you should be able to see it on the front page if there is one


But there isn’t on this forum :3


Sorry for the late response, and did you mean discord instead of discourse?


And I didn’t seem to find a section titled “regular” on the Curve Fever Forum…


discourse is the platform this forum is hosted on, i guess there just isnt a regular section then lol


oh well oof thanks for trying to help me tho


Yeah we don’t have a lounge section for regulars, I disabled it because the community is not that big and there is no need to have different sections at this moment.
Maybe when we grow a lot we will add it again.


Alright, thanks for letting me now :smiley: