Where can you find the new user tutorial?



Hello curvers,

So I have been looking over the badges and I saw a Certified badge. And when I read it, it doesn’t show a check-mark on it. So then I ready the description of that badge and then I wondered how do I get this. So if anyone can tell me how to get it I would really appreciate it.

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I have wondered this too @Aron123.




not telling you :grin:


You have to simply press on the badge to see the information about it and who else has it.


I am not talking about that. So you know how other people got the badge for completing it right? They had to fill out the new user tutorial in order to get the badge. What I am asking is :arrow_down:

Where can you find the new user tutorial?

Where is it?


It’s the first message you receive on the forum, which is automatically send by a bot.


Thx | (• ◡•)| this helped a lot