Where are you from?





Why arent u proud of that?


:ru: Russia


Let’s think about it… PIS, 500+ for Cow and other staff. Poland is maybe nice country, but if u look at our “onion” nation… :frowning:


I don’t think it’s good place to talk about politics, but u are right, in Poland u don’t have good choice, u can only choose the less evil :confused:

500+ is good, but not to every mother, because polish onions are using it to be unemployed. “Why should I go to work, if I have 4 children…”

If u wanna talk more about it, we can talk on priv or on discord :slight_smile:


Canada. Nothing too special.


Jeez bud. One thing for sure, people in Nepal can speak and type in English way better than you. Literally had to burn a couple of brain cells to understand tf you were even trying to say. Are all people from Slovenia this retarded or it’s just you? but of course, oK i aM jOkInG aBoUt tHaT bUt yEaH


I hope it is better now @Youu :wink:


I went there in 2016. Incredible country! We stayed in Vancouver for a few nights before taking the night train to Jasper. Then after a few days there we took the icefields parkway all the way to Banff stopping at many sites on the way and after a few nights in Banff we did it again in reverse. Beautiful place. Next time I want to visit the East where everyone speaks French lol.

Where abouts in Canada?


UK here :slight_smile:


Generally it seems that Polish nation has the biggest hang-ups from all the nations of the world. You say that you’re not really proud of being Polish only because we have some terrible, in your opinion, government? Are you serious? Have you seen anyone else who’d say something like this? There are several countries that have bad people in charge but no one shows their shame in such topic on a game forum. Also dumb people exist in every nation so don’t say that only Poles are like this…


It’s just my opinion Mr Lapis. The fact that everyone has to attack my opinion here, on game forum, when I wrote 3 words because I wanted so, and the fact I have said before that we can talk about it on private message, not here, because I don’t think everyone want to talk about it. U are right of course, dump people exist in every country, but not so much of them :wink: And EOT. If u wanna talk more, write to me or call on discord :wink:


One of the many American players. :us:


Dead topic… BTW im from Poland :poland:
Teh untouched by CORONAVIRUS!


I am from the soviet union.


land of liberty and freedom itself :us:




Im from Germany:de: too


I am from the USA :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us:
(family safe from COVID-19)


I am from Bulgaria :bulgaria: