Where are you from?



Hey team,
since I am a nerd and really into the game, I wondered where all you guys come from?
Comment plssssss, I don’t wanna be a creator of a lonely topic. :'c
I start, I am from Germany :de:


Italy :it:


Line u got it wrong : ur from…





I’m from Poland :poland:
Good pierogi and vodka. :smiley:


I am from sLOVEnia where lovely and friendly people live :joy: :slovenia: S :sparkling_heart: NIA :slovenia:


I am one of the three bulgarian players in this game :bulgaria:


wow, who else bro? O.O


I am probably the only player who is on forum and discord from Slovenia :rofl::smirk:


well, as I remember Fluffy from CF3 who reached finals in the all items december 16 tournament was slovenian himself too. XDDDDDDDDDDD


Usually one of them is playing CFPro a lot, but not that much as a regular player. His name is BGER_Player (you might have seen him before). And the second one isn’t active at all. He comes sometimes and I forgot his name (but I know he exists :joy:)


Nepal :nepal:


Germany :de:


Poland :poland:


DENMARK :denmark:


I am not very proud of that, but Poland :poland:


Russia! :ru:


USA :us:


Beerland :czech_republic: