When is the next update?


can someone plz tell me when the update is coming and what it is about
(i stupid if u have not noticed)


Never… no devs


Sad :frowning:


The game no longer gets updates, I will become a millionaire to buy CFP and get you all the updates, some day. Cross my fingers




@BIGDROJAS You better, or else… :joy: :joy:


@Person you are not stupid for not noticing - sadly if you search this forum you still won’t find a single topic directly informing us on such matters. From what I’ve heard the game will continue to run as long as it pays for itself but there won’t be any updates - the future is still uncertain…


did u see i put I STUPID and that is very annoying no updates bruh…


yeah, I also just found the news a few weeks ago ;(


lol i feel ur pain


Everione feels pain cuz CFP updates and Everione cri (ye bad grammar and other things blablablaba)


this is a dead topic @The-Golden


Yea now it is :stuck_out_tongue:


ya sadly abondon game. It will drift into the realm of pointlessness and meaninglessness and will die in a couple months. Maybe a year from now on there are still a few servers up maybe not. Looking at the bad performance of the game recently. It was nice curving with ya’all :smile:


Dead topic for the last time