Whats your favourite anime?


Have you watched Koe no katachi (A silent voice)?


have u watched Full Metal ALchemist


Yea, that one is my 2nd favourite anime hahaha, also watched weathering with you recently and that was pretty good as well


Demon slayer is my fav but here are some others I like

Nanatsu no taizai
Your lie in april
Mob psycho 100
Boku no hero academia
One punch man
Fire force
Soul eater

Those are some that I watch if you wanna check them out


Do you guys have anime planet or my anime list acounts?


I honestly have never watched anime…wait does Inazuma Eleven count. I watched it on Disney XD a couple of years back great show. :man_shrugging:t5:


My sis watched it xD
I didnt like it tho


I have an account for Animeflix and you can watch some good hd anime there, but I don’t have one for anime planet. I will check it out tho


any1 read some manga?
Here’s my favourite and its pretty short (<20 chapters) I suggest to give it a read


I will, manga is awesome. Once I got into anime there was no turning back though :joy::joy:. I have a white shelf of just manga anyway


Whole*. Not white auto correct


Lol i went the other way from watching anime to just reading a ton of manga :laughing:


I still like manga but to me anime just really good in most cases :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I mostly read webtoons and manhwas. But manga too. I can suggest you a short webtoon story.


THAT WAS GREAT! I love exactly these kinds of stories


@theangelov i made an anime planet account how do I follow you?


My favorite animes are: My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan


i watched first 2 episodes of attack on titan but it was too bloody for me


woah alot of nerds had showed up


This is my anime planet account. Once you login, you can click on follow. What’s your username there?