Whats your favourite anime?


mine is kimetsu no yaiba:Demon slayer

whats yours


I wish I had a favorite… But I have many


My favorite is Seven deadly sins, but I like a lot of animes.


yeah i could tell because your profile picture is meliodas from seven deadly sins :rofl::rofl:


that’s like asking for a favorite song… there is no good answer because of how many there are


ummm ok


then you shouldn’t of came here if it you never mind i don’t wanna start an argument


well i was gonna name a couple but then i realized that naming 10 different animes would be a little weird, wouldn’t it?


yeah guess


if you wanna try watching demon slayer watch it here!
https://animeflix.io/shows/kimetsu-no-yaiba :grin::+1:


I have watched it I like it.