What's your favorite subject in academics?


Because mine is math.

What’s yours?

Have fun!


i have taken music and i love it.
I love to try out and learn different instruments.
my fav. instrument is sitar.

this song has nice sitar


Hmm do you have Indian ethnicity? Some people I know do :slight_smile:

My instrument is the flute currently. It is very interesting as well.

I have heard the sitar in a lot of songs before as well. It has lots of depth. Do you play sitar as well? I think they teach it in India.

Very nice song BTW.


yep i play sitar as well although my go-to instrument is electronic keyboard (and piano too) :stuck_out_tongue:

i am not of indian ethnicity but many American-Indians are our family friends although that wasnt the influence for me learning Sitar.

Glad u like the song. OMG i love to listen to flute. That flute part in Stairway to Heaven in the beginning is just awesome.