Whats ur super power?



I can listen to 2 songs at the same time and enjoy the rhythms of both of em (if the songs are simple) :stuck_out_tongue:

another one -
I can play blind chess at a reasonably good level but mostly anyone with 1900+ ELO can do it so maybe its not a super power.

Your superpower can be very silly too idc. like some people i know can do cool stuff with their fingers :stuck_out_tongue:


“your superpower can be really silly”

I can listen to nickelback, do a 360 on my chair and ban 2 persons without blinking


i can be one of the richest person on earth by working only 1 day per year


Thought u were talking about cfpro sound bug
And i havent superpowers,rather superbeans😂(lil joke sry).but always i’ve thought dogs/pets have powers bc my beloved died dog always protected my family from spells/curses from malicious/envious ppl


Im @VIDMAN thats my superpower


lol how


What does vidman means? Video man or so? Sry man i really dont get this


Haha he is right,their santa helpers do the whole work for him


I can remain alive by simply eating food, drinking water, breathing air, and sleeping


if you look at my name, the first letters are VID.


I can spawn memes.