What was the dumbest reason you got in trouble for



This is a forum game where you tell your dumbest reason you got in trouble for

I will start off: I got detention for saying the word “hell”


I played tag with my brother, when I touched him he flew and smashed the window door in the balcony. XD It was about 8 years ago


I got in trouble for reading my book too long :imp::imp::imp:


Got in trouble for saying dang


I was mistaken for someone else xD


saying stupid.

my mom said wearing athletic leggings to a concert(me playing) was a good idea

i said no thats stupid
and i got in trouble

also for burping in class lol


My sister havent understood when i said we had to go in 2 min… When she actually knew i already


Saying the word “fr*ck”