What to do when ad finished


Hi all,

We released ads today. We noticed that the waiting when the ad finished is probably the hardest part. Do you guys have good ideas on how we can make this more fun. Maybe a mini game or some communication between players, what do you think?


From my standpoint, i guess we can enjoy the many novelties of a Curve Fever-themed pachinko machine


How about like tic tac toe or something?


I was thinking about something curve related…


Actually I quite like that time to discuss some stuff with other players… just talking is pretty fun… and since we have turrets you always play… and never chat :joy:


Flappy Curve Pro?


mybe like somthing like gamepigeon appears and vote on a game and everyone plays and the winner gets like 1 gem


maybe a fun little chat game, like hangman


yeh, hangman


Since you have the turrets in place, you could do a mini-game with that?


Shooting content?


how about being in the arena, but by yourself to just mess around and stuff?


It would be cool to be to able 2 send some emojis or something to a player privately.


maybe a whack a Wessel type of mini-game called “Whack the Curve!”


yes like there are lines and you have to go through the “gaps” like in a regular game.
like a practice round!


You can add new artificial participant in comment section that would every 15 second generate one random joke from some source from internet. One example of colection of jokes is here https://github.com/taivop/joke-dataset.


Page where we can see global sports scores


In my opinion you should implement ads in a different way.
For example make an event for a few days where people who will watch an ad each day will get a reward on the last day